Legacy and Reconfigured: Case Study - Packaging and Marketing
TRON Legacy was the highly-anticipated sequel
to the classic 1982 Disney film TRON,
and French electronic group Daft Punk was
composing the film score, so the soundtrack release
was a high priority. The packaging needed to be
something special, something beyond a
standard CD jewel case.

We started with the idea of a package that glowed or lit up, in reference
to the look of the film, and had some very interesting prototypes created
with this in mind. This included a USB drive that was housed in a
black disc that lit up when touched.
Most of these prototypes had merit, but they were all very expensive
and somewhat cumbersome. Then we looked at a special, custom-made
3D holographic film that created a feeling of light and movement -
and we had the cover design overprinted in transparent ink on this material.
This worked very well and Daft Punk approved it immediately.
Marketing wanted a promotional poster that featured an image of Daft Punk.
Staying consistent with the idea of light we created a large scale
glow-in-the-dark poster. To go with the poster a glow-in-the-dark 12" vinyl
package was designed, with a translucent sleeve.
Marketing rethought the glow-in-the-dark 12" and wanted to instead have a
limited-edition vinyl 10" EP, something that would generate a lot of interest
in the collector market. We came up with the idea of a clear 10" record with
a printed, 4-color Identity Disc (an object from the film) inside the vinyl.
The only problem was that this had never been done before -
vinyl picture discs always had the image covering the center of the disc,
and we wanted a clear center. We presented the challenge to Erica Records
in Buena Park, and they were able to hand-insert the Identity Disc art
into the clear vinyl during pressing. In all, 6000 discs were pressed in
3 different colorways, yellow, red and blue.
TRONclearsWhile the film TRON Legacy did not live up to expectations, the soundtrack
surpassed expectations - it was by far Daft Punk's best selling album and
went gold within 2 months of it's release. Because of this success several
remix albums were planned, the first being TRON Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D.
This continues to be profitable and is considered a substantial global success.