Reimagines Gershwin and In the Key of Disney: Case Study - Packaging
Brian Wilson has had a long association with
Disney, dating back to the mid sixties.
When the opportunity to record and release 2
new Brian Wilson albums came about,
there was a lot of excitement from his fans
and the Disney community as well.

The first album was a collection of George Gershwin songs,
the second a collection of classic Disney songs, performed by Brian and
his band. It was decided to have the packaging reflect the theme of the
content rather than feature an image of Brian, so we focused on having
a strong concept. We wanted the first album to look like a cross between
Gershwin and Wilson, and a number of comps were created.
Then Steve Sterling came up with this sketch:
We felt that adding some bright, warm colors while maintaining a painterly,
hand-done quality would be the solution, and Steve did a great job
accomplishing that goal.
We still needed some new images of Brian for the inside of the package
and for publicity, so a shoot was set up with the excellent Clay patrick McBride. The location was the same studio Brian used for recording Pet Sounds
with the Beach Boys at 6000 Sunset Blvd.
BWilsonPianoFor the second album we started with the classic, nostalgic California
look associated with Brian's early work with the Beach Boys, with the
addition of a Disney element.
BWilsonUnused3BWilsonUnused4After very few initial comps the cover ended up here:BWilson2