The Green Album: Case Study - Packaging and Marketing
A collection of classic Muppets songs
re-interpreted by OKGO, The Fray, Weezer,
My Morning Jacket
and others.

The challenge was to create a cover and a
marketing champaign that addressed the long
history of the Muppets, but felt modern and current.

The initial intention was a standalone product that was to be titled
"Muppets Revisited" and have an edgy, indy rock look to it.
This marketing strategy changed when Starbucks expressed interest
in selling the product at their stores, (a great new opportunity for the
Disney Music Group) and the chance to synchronize the release of the
album with upcoming premiere of the Muppets movie.
The cover needed to have a strong Muppets read while at the same time
reflect the various artist's involved, and have a more accessible look.
It also needed to have a strong Muppets presence when it reduced in
size on the iTunes Store. The decision was made to focus the packaging
on Kermit - and to change the album title to "The Green Album".
Some of the initial ideas were reworked and used for the inside of the digipak, and used as inspiration for a limited edition poster
MuppetsPostersA music video was shot with the band OKGO - which got over 6 million views on Youtube. This, along with a multitude of banner ads and online audio players made for a very successful champaign - resulting in album sales in excess of 100K and an on-going partnership with Starbucks.MuppetsBanner