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Case Study - Identity and Branding

Cole Plante is a talented 16-year-old DJ,
and a new signing for the Disney Music Group.
While some previous identity/branding work
had been done, there was a need to start fresh -
and to come up with an icon that referenced
Cole's likeness.

This icon needed to work well for packaging and online, so it needed to be
simple and elegant. A series of illustrations were done, some very nice,
but all of them had a young, cartoony feel.
It was decided that the icon needed to reference Manga/Machinima but
still have an original look. Using the classic Kraftwerk cover "Electric Cafe"
as inspiration, we made a trip to Gentle Giant Studios in Burbank and
had Cole's head scanned by a 3D scanner.
After a 3D model was created from the raw scan, we had the polygon count
reduced, creating a faceted render of Cole's head.
Once the 3D model was generated, we could render it again and again
in different ways - giving us multiple options for packaging, online and
live performance uses.